Savitar Tartufi

The Savitar company was born in 1987 thanks to the precious traditions handed down by Claudio Savini's father, a truffle dealer, and his mother, a cook for aristocratic families. Claudio integrated the ancient truffle tradition into a company business philosophy, expanding the kingdom of white truffles by selling all over the world: in the United States, Brazil, Iceland, Korea, China, Thailand, India and Europe.
The company also organies exclusive experiences to try and learn the practice of truffle hunting, with buffets and tastings.

Via Luigi Caouana, 4,

56028, San Miniato Basso

Tel. +39 0571 42710

Tartufi Gemignani Francesco

Francesco has always lived the truffle hunt. Even as a child he accompanied his father into the woods. The game then became a passion. Francesco gemignani runs a restaurant in San Donato serving his products in the restaurant he runs with the precious help of his wife.
By the shop there is also a restaurant where you can taste some traditional plates combined with their white truffle products.

Via Cimarosa, 58

56024 San Donato - San Miniato

Tel. 0571 360827

Cell. 328 9748273

Tartufi Gazzarrini S.N.C.

By the beginning of the 1900s, Eugenio, the founder of the family, marketed the precious tuber and his dealer market. It was thanks to the intuition and enterprise of Eugenio Gazzarrini (born in 1885) that, in addition to fresh white truffles, natural white truffles were introduced to the market, at that time in "tin cans". This preservation method was awarded in 1924. Since then, the company has constantly increased the quality of the product offered, continuing to market the San Miniato white truffle to this day.

Via Balconevisi, 15

56028 La Serra - San Miniato

Cell. 335 5491702_Andrea

Cell. 3355491706_Luca

Commercio Tartufi Nacci

In Corazzano, the Tartufi Nacci family has its roots firmly planted in the territory. For generations they have been training truffle dogs to find the best products, which are then processed by calibrating the right techniques, tradition and innovation in order to offer unique products of the highest quality.
During the tours they organise, it is possible to learn the training techniques used for their four-legged hunting companions while tasting some local products.

Via Zara, 110

56028 Corazzano - San Miniato

Cell. 338 8967807_Monica

Cell. 339 8759017_Riccardo

Tel. 0571 462846

Gemignani Tartufi S.R.L.

The history of Gemignani Tartufi s.r.l. began in the 1930s in a small village in the municipality of San Miniato. In the small food shop, the most fragrant truffles were bought from local truffle hunters and then resold to traders passing through San Miniato. Over the years, the business has been handed down from father to son for four generations, and today Filippo, with the invaluable help of his family, carries on the ancient family trade with passion and commitment.
In the historical centre of San Miniato you will find the Punto Vendita, a real boutique specialising in the sale of truffle products. All items are produced exclusively in the factory-lab in San Miniato Basso with truffles carefully selected directly from local pickers and high quality raw materials.

Via Conti, 2

56028 San Miniato

Tel. 0571 43954 point of sale

Tel. 0571 419470

Alessio Gemignani

Alessio is the heir to the Gemignani family of truffle merchants, who traded in truffles since 1930. In Balconevisi in the tobacco shop, run with his wife Mistica, Leonardo Gemignani started his business in the grocery sector; the farmers and truffle hunters of the time had a point of reference here to resell their harvests. From here the business expanded, establishing itself as one of the first and most successful players in the area. The Gemignani family is also credited with the first cream conserves, cooked in a pot full of water.

Via Castello, 5

56028 Balconevisi - San Miniato

Tel. 0571 460474

Mobile 338 7901313