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The Tuber magnatum Pico, or prestigious white truffle

It has a globe-like shape with flat and irregular parts. The peridium is light yellow or ochre, and can have red and brown spots. The interior hides a ramification of white, thin veins and varies in colour, from milk white to intense pink and light brown. The size is variable. It can easily reach the size of a large apple, but some specimens can be well over a kilo! It is harvested in the late summer and fall until the beginning of winter. The harvest start and end dates are established every year by the regional administrations. It grows spontaneously and cannot be cultivated. Aside from the regions of northern and central Italy, it is exclusively found in Istria.


National Exhibition-market San Miniato white truffle

During the entire month of November, though, that flavours triumph with the White Truffle of San Miniato. Held for the past forty years, it transforms the whole city centre into a huge open-air tasting fair that lasts the entire months. Here the Truffle takes the throne where it is displayed in the historical Piazza del Duomo at the foot of the Rocca. Other squares also have their own markets where typical flavours of the San Miniato hills are offered together with specialities from other Italian "Città del Gusto" (culinary cities).


47^ National Exhibition-Market San Miniato White Truffle  11,12-18,19-25,26 November 2017

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