The extended Museum System of San Miniato The extended Museum System of San Miniato

Palazzo Comunale Oratorio Del Loretino- Via Vittime Del Duomo

The Palazzo Comunale was erected at the end of the 13th century as the residence for the Dodici Difensori del Popolo – the twelve defenders of the people. Over the centuries the building was frequently restructured and extended. Noteworthy is the Sala del Consiglio, now known as ‘'Sala delle Sette Virtù'' which preserves noble coats of arms and a fresco of the Virgin Mary attributed to Cenni di Francesco di Ser Cenni (1393). In 1928 the canon Galli Angelini painted the frescos in what is today the Sala Consiliare, recounting in symbolic terms the founding elements of the town ‘s history.

At the ground floor of the Palazzo Comunale, the Oratorio del Loretino was built as a chapel for the use of the town's magistrates. This became an important place of worship when, from 1399 onwards, it preserved the venerated image of the SS. Crocefisso which in 1718 was moved to the sanctuary devoted to was replaced with the image of the Madonna di Loreto from which the urgent name of the church derives. A cycle of frescos, painted at the beginning of the 15th century, decorates the walls and vaulted ceiling of the church whereas a sumptuous 16th tabernacle with tables painted by Francesco Lanfranchi, known as Lo Spillo, brother of Andrea del Sarto, occupies the back wall of the church.

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credit Danilo Puccioni