Local Farmers Market Local Farmers Market

Every third Sunday of the month San Miniato hosts the Earth Market of Local Farmers, named Mercatale.

It's a direct sales market system: for 6 years, the farmers and producers of the countryside in San Miniato County had the chance to sell themselves their products, talk about their job and truly follow what the earth gives them to grow.

Many farm businesses have started to implement a short distribution chain system and they are having a huge success nationally and internationally. In Italy, the producers and consumers have reunited in an ethical purchasing system (called Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale, GAS) where the group shops collectively: they organize themselves buying for the community to get a fair price in term of income to the retailers and affordability for the consumers.

The Monthly turn of the event raises awareness in the work of the farmers, those who are directly in touch with the earth and its changings. It's a moment of awareness because consumers access to seasonal products and are able to understand the farmer's achievements. Together with seasonal products during the event many sell also different kind of food: oil, honey, wine, jams.

Talking about climate change falls back into nutrition debate as well. Farmers are the first who actually follow the tiny changes of climate and nature, every drop in excess of rains as well as every higher degree in summer can change their work completely.