Kite Festival Kite Festival

Every first Sunday after Easter occurs a traditional and beloved event: the Kites Festival. This tradition born in 1968 and was at first a religious event: in the 60s the Sunday after Easter was a young catholic group's (ACR) event who, after the religious ceremony in the morning, took advantage of the spring weather to have picnic on the field where the Tower rises. in that occasion, they amused themselves building self-made kites and soaring them to the valley. With time passing by the event became a laic one.

Today, the participants reach the Tower and start soaring their kites in the early morning sky. Those who don't have a personal kite can experience an improvised workshop using traditional materials: dried reeds, twine, glue made of water and flour, tissue paper either oiled paper. It's a generation to generation expertise impersonated by the Kite Masters who teach the techniques and secrets for let the kites soar higher. The Kite Masters are nowadays a living tradition whose knowledge is teached also during academic workshop in elementary schools all across Tuscany.

Reaching its 50th anniversaries the Town has organized several other ventures: the first one is an art auction. Local painters are called to use the singular kite form to shape their painting canvas. These unique works are sold to support the event. Other ventures take place in other parts of the old historical centre (Piazza della Repubblica and People's Square) exhibit flower market and Art&Craft market. since the 70s the Kite Festival has hosted a historical re-enactment, those who parade recreate some historical figure who passed by San Miniato (Matilde di Canossa, Federico II, Napoleone Bonaparte…).

In closing, the day celebrates its end by launching three hot-air balloon.