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Many are the occasions all year round for visiting the city and its territory. For all twelve months the visitors can enjoy its monuments and historical sites, but undoubtedly it is spring, summer and autumn that are the three important seasons in San Miniato. Each is different from the other, the colours in the countryside and on the hillsides change, and each can provoke different emotions. In spring and summer it is the City of Theatre and plays that are the protagonists. From September on, starting with grape harvesting, it is the City of Flavours that triumphs, and as the months of October, November and December draw near, it is the White Truffles of San Miniato.

Starting in April, "Un Castello di Suoni" revolves around the villas and castles in the country with a program of classical, modern and contemporary music.

In june, the entire scene of the city centre is enlivened for a week known as "La Luna è Azzurra" (The Moon is Blue), an international representational theatre festival. At sunset, mime and puppet shows coming from all over the world are held in the numerous squares and on the steps of the old castle that continue past midnight.

From June to July, a city square, usually the historical Piazza Duomo, hosts the Theatre Festival, organized by the "Istituto del Dramma Popolare". The program coincides with the training session organized by the "Scuola Europea per l'Arte dell'Attore".

August and September are non-stop festival. At the Palio di San Rocco, on August 15th, the ancient quarters come together for non-bloody games: for example, after a long running jump the participants must crush a watermelon with their rear ends. In the country town of Serra the ancient threshing festival and country traditions are relived.

It is during the entire month of November, though, that flavours triumph with the With White Truffle of San Miniato. Held for the past thirty years, it transforms the whole city centre into a huge open-air tasting fair that lasts the entire months. Here the Truffle takes the throne where it is displayed in the historical Piazza del Duomo at the foot of the Rocca. Other squares also have their own markets where typical flavours of the San Miniato hills are offered together with specialities from other Italian "Città del Gusto" (culinary cities).

The Truffle Show, however, is just the peak of what this extraordinary season has to offer. In the heart of the land of truffles, deep in the woods and countryside, smaller and hidden festivals take place in October in small villages that are home to the oldest truffle dynasties: The Corazzano Festival, at the foot of the Romanesque parish of San Giovanni Battista, and the Balconevisi Festival in the ancient village of the Strozzi family, when each quarters participates in a goose race. And in March it is in Cigoli that the early Marzuolo truffle can be tasted.