The extended Museum System of San Miniato The extended Museum System of San Miniato

Accademina Degli Euteleti- Palazzo Migliorati

The Academy has its seat in the ancient Palazzo Migliorati since 1984. The former Academy of science and letters – known as Affidati Academy – was founded in San Miniato during the 17thcentury.  In 1748, it was founded again; its name became Rinati Academy and its emblem was a sun rising behind the top of a hill, whose motto said "Sol oritur sed non occidit" (a sun which rises but does not set). In 1822, the name was changed again in the present denomination. A new emblem was chosen as well: a horse galloping victoriously towards its goal. Among other important pieces, the Academy keeps h Funeral Mask of Napoleon, whose family boasted local extraction.

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