The extended Museum System of San Miniato The extended Museum System of San Miniato

Museo Diocesano D’arte Sacra- Piazza Del Duomo

Churches around San Miniato, in Castelfiorentino and SanGimignano, shares a common architecture: all the facades have variously decorated inserts that had been identified with an oriental artistic influence: they are ceramic basins, i.e. terracotta vessels covered and decorated with mono or polychromatic pigments that have been used as architectural elements. They are derived from commercial influences by the time that Pisa had a strong influence in the Mediterranean trades.
The Museum, adjacent the Cathedral (1966) has a collection displaying about fifty of objects coming from the town's and the diocese's churches. We mention: the North African pottery bowls (12th century), the thirteenth-century paintings from the church of STS. Jacopo and Lucia, and the Redeemer's bust, attributed to Verrocchio's studio.

Open Monday-Sunday from 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm*

credit Photo Danilo Puccioni

*Full ticket allows the entrance to the belltower "Torre di Matilde"