48° National exhibition – market San Miniato white truflle - November 2018 10/11 - 17/18 - 24/25

San Miniato and its surrounding area represent an insight of Tuscany, where a modern development merges with old traditions a millenary history and great artistic heritage, and all of this in the middle of landscapes where people are still living from day to day. Architectural and artistic treasures, which are mostly stored in the museum network, characterized the old town centre, which overlooks the typical Tuscan countryside. In the wide open country which borders the Arno river in the north, we can find the modern urban centres, which are connected by a close network of streets and roads as well as the productive activities, which are mainly based on the tannery industry and the manufacturing of leather and hide. If we glance to the south we can see the large area of Valdegola, which covers two thirds of the area with its hills and woodlands. It is beautiful countryside, where you can still breathe in the old rustic culture, with thousands of ways which lead into woodlands that are centuries-old and ancient parish churches, where the ground hides more of treasures of San Miniato: its white truffle.

The National exhibition-market San Miniato white truffle
In the immaculate rustic hinterland, oaks, lime trees and willows host between their roots the finest mushroom can be found: it is the white truffle of the San Miniato hills. The Tuber Magnatum Pico, this is its scientific name, is always a source of wealth of our lands. For over a century San Miniato trufflers go out during the night with their dogs and walk through hidden paths between the trees, trying to capture the minimum and weakest trace, so they can excavate and collect the precious tuber. In San Miniato, one of the towns which has established the National Association of the Truffle Towns, also the Association of the Trufflers of San Miniato Hills has been created, and works with the protection and development of the areas with truffles, promoting this precious tuber in several field exhibitions both in Italy and worldwide. However, in San Miniato every year in November, the National White Truffle of San Miniato Festival takes place, which is a great showcase/market that attracts thousands of Italian and foreign visitors.

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San Miniato and its treasures

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